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About Stephen McCosh

Dip. FD. Dip. FS. MBIFD.

Stephen is very pleased to hold the two only diplomas in the funeral industry and on local level that he alone is the Greater Shankill’s only fully qualified and professionally qualified Funeral Director.

He holds the highly prestigious National Association of Funeral Directors Foundation Certificate along with their Diploma in Funeral Directing.

We understand.

The NAFD Diploma is widely regarded as the gold standard in funeral training. To add to these, stand out qualifications he also gained the Diploma in Funeral services from the British Institute of Funeral Directors. The highest qualification in the industry!

Stephen is also Chairman for the British Institute of Funeral Directors (Northern Ireland) again the only local funeral director to be part of this Institute. Acceptance into the BIFD is based upon Professional qualifications and is reserved exclusively for those who meet and maintain the highest standards of training and professionalism.

The BIFD also has recently presented Stephen with a licence to practice as a professionally qualified funeral Director, again the only local Funeral Director to hold this Licence. Stephen also sits as vice Chairman for the National Association of Funeral Directors (N.I) which represents the industry even at Parliamentary level. Stephen also has heavily invested in the education of his staff. Two staff members have also gained there B.I.F.D. Diplomas with a third team member due to gain it soon.


About us

Stephen is a local man who fully understands and appreciates the local customs, traditions and expectations. 

We understand.

He himself is proud to be from a working class family. Stephen offers his unique services to those who find themselves at that most difficult time in all our lives – the death of a loved one. with his extensive experience in the funeral industry managing two of Belfast’s leading funeral homes Stephen has never lost sight of the importance of treating families who have been bereaved with the utmost care and respect.

We care.

We know only too well how difficult it can be to make ends meet and how simple it is for a grieving family to be burdened with costs of a funeral. I cannot take away the families heartache and sorrow but we can help lessen the financial burden of significant funeral costs. We can offer a service that is up to and often over 30% cheaper than some local funeral homes.

What makes us different?

We pride ourselves on being a unique approachable service that honours the community we serve.

We are passionate about helping you get what you want and need from a funeral. We take pride in providing the personal, down-to-earth, highly professional service you need when faced with the death of someone you love. Above all, we care hugely about making things works best for you.

Prepaid Plans

We are big believers in making a plan for your tomorrow. It really can make a big difference. By being prepared today you help your loved ones for the future.

We work with our community

Time-honoured and still
top-notch. McCosh Funeral Directors are for everybody, whatever their budget, whatever they want. It is personal.


The best people

Throughout everything we provide comfort, support and professional guidance at every step of the way. From modest funerals on a budget, to larger funeral processions, We are proud to deliver the same standard of care and service to every individual or family.

The best service

We have invested in the latest fleet of Mercedes. We provide our community with nothing but the best.

Why choose McCosh Funeral Directors...


We believe a meaningful, authentic, personal funeral has the power to change lives for the better and we consider it our duty to try and achieve this for everybody that comes to us. We believe families and friends know best, so we support and encourage rather than prescribe.

We believe in access to transparent, honest information and freedom of choice. We aim to change the world we operate in for the better, one funeral at a time.

A personal approach
We take a personal approach with every family we meet – you will have one point of contact from beginning to end. We will listen to you, give you honest, straightforward advice and do everything in our power to make your ideas happen.

We provide only what you want and need. We do not sell unnecessary, expensive packages.

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We are a trusted part of the community, with a desire to help people in their time of need.

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117 Shankill Road
County Antrim
Northern Ireland
BT13 1FD


Email: Office email
Call us: 028 9031 1041


11-13 Jennings Park Newtownabbey
County Antrim
Northern Ireland
BT13 0NB 


Email: Office email
Call us: 028 9085 1414

Opening Hours

Mon to Thurs 9-5pm
Fri 9-4pm
Sat 9-12 (Shankill)

We operate a 24 Hour Service

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